Friday, November 6, 2009


i cant remember when i finished this one exactly... it's pretty recent. basically i love my yamaha pss 480. i dont think i would ever consider circuit bending it just because i dont believe there's any point. the only thing i would change is having a jog wheel to adjust the parameters of the synth without having to press those up and down buttons. so thats what i did. i used an old mouse wheel as the encoder and after some time digging up and trying out different combinations of circuits, i came up with this:
basically when the well is turned up the parameter goes up and down when turned down.
i know what you're thinking, why didnt i just program a little pic or something to do that? well, i cant seem to find the time for micro controllers. eventually though i will finally be there. in the mean time, this circuit works pretty well. here are some pics. demo clip coming soon.

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