Monday, June 9, 2008


DAY13: put on a coat of white on the sides that will show through the grills.

DAY14: didn't do anything.

DAY15: wired it up, put the keys in, built the lfo circuit, glued it all tight, and finished at about 5pm. i would have taken more pictures of the inside, but i wanted to hurry up and finish this thing. and actually it didn't even really look that impressive in there anyway. i still had tons of room left inside. pretty tidy i must say. there are a couple flaws i noticed right away. i used the bigger half of the joystick for the depth of the lfo(about 90k) thinking that it would help the pitch bend go lower. unfortunately when the depth is at its lowest, it doesn't excite the transistor so the modulation stops. also, the orange paint is a little cracked in some places. the cracks are extremely small. i think that the acrylic dried before the enamel cured and it caused it to do this. i hope so at least. only time will tell if it is a bigger problem. also, when both "square" and "ramp" are modulating at the same time the peak tops out pretty high. oh well, this is hardly a real synthesizer. here's the pics

i will be posting a functional diagram and a video soon.