Thursday, June 26, 2008


today i finished the "time synth". it only took 6 hours. here's some pics i took along the way.



  1. hey man my name is jay and i work with dan prichett, he showed me your stuff cause i myself used to circuit bend old toys and stuff but i just wanted to say that the stuff your making totally blows my mind. i always ask dan if you sell these things or if you would maybe make me a custom piece. i am down for paying whatever you want to make me one or maybe we could trade toys or something. let me know man my email address is

    keep up the sweet work man, this shit is crazy

  2. Wow! An actual playable synth and not just a bunch of LFOs hooked up to a broken toy! Very, very nice work. Is the synth your own design? A kit? Cannibalized from something else?

  3. thanks. the tone generator and the the "toy vcf" are cannibalized from the infamous "my piano" toy organ. i prefer using premade piano circuits even if they sound sampled, just because i hate tuning each key with trimmers.

  4. i love it! i am amazed at what you got inside such a small device ; ) how are you doing the arpreggiator?