Thursday, July 31, 2008

JULY 31?

shit, i thought it was the 1st of august all day today. i even called my sister to tell her happy birthday. why didn't she tell me?...
anyway, i've been working on this keyboard for the last two weeks. the only reason it's taken me this long is because i'm really not in to it. i'm kind of just slapping a whole bunch of shit together. we'll see what it sounds like when i'm done. i also dont really care about the color scheme. instead of going to the store to buy the colors i wanted, i just used some colors that were laying around. the only thing i'm really excited about is are the huge buttons, switches and knobs i used. i usually use really small stuff but this time i went big. i probably could have finished this keyboard today, but i just didnt feel like it. it should be done by tomorrow. here's some pictures.


  1. pretty chunky
    and yay for working in the basement tomorrow!

  2. july went too fast and lasted too long, that's all.
    nice work. i'm always amazed.