Friday, August 1, 2008


well, i was hoping that i'd be more excited about finishing this keyboard today, but in my haste to finish it, i didnt actually breadboard the entire circuit before i built it. needless to say there were a lot of problems i didnt see coming. it should have only taken about two hours to finish, but it took six hours to come to a good enough stopping point. there are still a lot of things i would like to change. i really just dont care enough though. i'll probably go back and fix all the things i dont like and throw in some led's too, but only because i'm planning on selling this on ebay. haha! all in all this is a decent circuit bent keyboard(relatively). here a re some pics and a super crappy video.


  1. email me the link when it goes up on ebay, i am very interested in buying.

  2. hi!
    i wouldn´t pay US$300 for this (ebay). but you made a wonderful job here. love this cb!
    a big hug from Brazil!

  3. by the way, if you could make another one of this, i´d probably buy it (but nor for US$300).
    would you?
    please send me an email about that.
    you find my email at
    thanks a lot!

  4. well actually it only sold for $216, but yes, i can think of many more sophisticated devices to spend that money on. but if you factor in how much time i spent building it, i'm only making less than $3.60 an hour off this job. and to answer your question, yes. i probably would buy it for $300 dollars if i wasnt a circuit bender. i was ready to shell out $300 for a tablebeast sk1 before i learned to circuit bend. and i probably would have too if he hadn't posted that tablebeast how-to. anyway, thanks for the response. -tanner

  5. Your pieces are art and craft. Yes, i'd spend 300 buck if i had it :) Hope one day or another to spend on your stuff. - A&V