Friday, June 6, 2008

DAY 12

day 12: time to paint!
this has got to be the most intense part of any of my projects. i can only hope that i dont fuck up too bad. i usually fuck something up in each of my paint jobs. as you probably know if you live in portland, the weather sucks right now. its cold and the rain is teasing me. since i started this project, i knew i wanted to paint it a solid light color to compliment its industrial style features. at first i thought i should paint the whole thing solid white, but that was too ipod's. i then thought it might be a good idea to paint it orange with a blue-white fade behind the grills, but then i thought that might look too artsy. i also thought about orange on white, yellow on black, so on and so on. i think i'll go with a simple solid orange. i figured i could use krylon fusion but they didnt have that color at the hardware store. "fusion" is the only dependable spray paint i know of, even though it beads. i've had great results from generic spray paints, but its a gamble from can to can. i really prefer the airbrush over everything, but the acrylic paint wont stick to plastic that hasnt been sanded and primed(i dont care what you say).

after testing techniques. i've decided to put on a base coat of fusion white and airbrush orange on to it before it cures.

airbrush paint can be a pain in the ass(even badger) you always have to modify the viscosity. i ve found that the testors stuff you buy at walmart is the easiest to use right out of the jar. ultra thin and bright candy coat, dries fast and even. its too bad you cant get it in more than a half oz at a time.

here is the box partially assembled with the orange paint.

it turned out a little more florescent than i had expected. i think the acrylic paint reacted with the fusion somehow. i think i might go back and paint in white behind the grills after all. it kind of looks like it might bring it together better. i'll have to wait until the paint is fully dried though. i will have to use tape to mask the orange parts and i dont want to risk pulling up the paint with it.

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