Saturday, December 27, 2008


i have been working on these in secret for the last month. they are pretty basic. they consist of a generic drum machine circuit and an 8-note keyboard. some have joysticks, some have just a pitch bend for the drums. the 8-note keyboard will not make sound unless the drum circuit is making sound. the notes are cross modulated with the drum sounds making for some interesting tone variations. each has a 1/8" output jack and power indicator LED. these are capable of many different functions despite the limited interface. the black keys act as the drum circuit's function switches.
these keyboards were intended for gifts to my family and friends for the holidays, although there will probably be more to come in the future.
chick on this picture for bigger view.


  1. Reeeeediculous.

    You are my favorite circuit bender!

    Unbelievably inspirational.

    What is your training? Lets see a video of these little dudes.