Wednesday, December 31, 2008


i threw this one together today. i've been in the basement since 11am. thats pretty good time if you ask me. basically its one of those cheap digital cameras that you find at walgreens for $10. i found this one at goodwill yesterday. i havent been able to connect any wires to the chips on these things because i dont have the right equipment yet. although these are extremely bendable, for this one i just removed the ir filter and added a better lens. oh yeah, i also rehoused it into a badass little kids toy camera. i added the lens(big pain in the ass), switches, usb io, viewfinder, and a battery compartment.


  1. Hey! I remember checking out your first project when you first put this blog up. I wound up here today when I was looking for PT-100 bends. Good to see you're still keeping at it!

    This camera mod is way awesome. Talk about original photography.

    If you want, you can check out my site,

    Parts are still under construction, but I've got some of my old bent up instruments there.


  2. thanks! ya, this blog doesnt get too much action but i keep up on it anyway. eventually will be a real website... maybe by september. your site looks pretty good. thanks for the link. -tanner

  3. i'd pay a lot for one of these.

  4. You give soul to objects people don't even pay attention to. I appreciate that form of poetry.