Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This project was a commission for an overseas musician who i have been in touch with for a while. we had talked back and forth for a year or two about having something made, but had trouble coordinating our availability. we were finally able to get a project rolling after all that time though, and ironically enough, the guy happened to be in my neck of the world when the keyboard was finished, so he came and picked it up in person! it is very rare that i get to meet my customers personally. especially since most of them are overseas. it was very encouraging.


Wow, been a busy summer! been slowly chipping away at this waiting list i have accumulated over the past few months. to everyone who has waited, thanks for hangin' in there! i'm doing the best i can to get to all of you. that said, i am not adding to the list until i can get through some first.