Tuesday, September 8, 2015


This project was a commission for an overseas musician who i have been in touch with for a while. we had talked back and forth for a year or two about having something made, but had trouble coordinating our availability. we were finally able to get a project rolling after all that time though, and ironically enough, the guy happened to be in my neck of the world when the keyboard was finished, so he came and picked it up in person! it is very rare that i get to meet my customers personally. especially since most of them are overseas. it was very encouraging.


Wow, been a busy summer! been slowly chipping away at this waiting list i have accumulated over the past few months. to everyone who has waited, thanks for hangin' in there! i'm doing the best i can to get to all of you. that said, i am not adding to the list until i can get through some first.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Well! it has been a long time since my last post. it has been a pretty busy past few months. Heidi an d i bought an old fixer house in southeast Portland in late February, and there has been little time for new projects that are not related to fixing up an old-dump house. but inevitably we got in and set up, and i have been spending most of the last month and a half building a custom synth for none other than Meng Qi! he contacted me shortly after my last post, and asked to have a custom synth made. he was willing to wait until i was moved and set up in my new shop too. how could i resist?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This little project came to me while i was cleaning out the basement. Heidi and i are moving soon, and i have been trying to liquidate as much as i can before we go. we have lived in this apartment for 10 years now, so our basement was full of years of postponed projects and toys that i have collected. i have actually done pretty well at cutting my collection down to bare necessities. i did however end up filling one box with things that i thought i should maybe sleep on before deciding to get rid of them. in the box was a fisher price guitar from the late 80's. it had been so long ago that i had added it to my collection, that i wasn't even sure if i could remember what it sounded like. i do remember having the keyboard version that was sold around the same time. i remember that keyboard having particularly terrible sound. for whatever reason, i ended up scrapping the keyboard, but kept the mainboard over all those years. i'm not sure why, but now i'm glad i did. when it was finally time to make a decision on whether or not to keep the guitar though, it occurred to me to maybe plug it in and have a listen first. i did, and the sound was terrible! so terrible in fact that i decided to open it up and see why. well, one thing led to another, and i decided that i probably had enough time before we move for one last project. 

Friday, January 23, 2015


Ahhh... internet at last. been having trouble with my connection for the past week or so. haven't had the opportunity to post. the NT03 is the latest of my NT(noystoise) series. i initially started developing the NT03 in early November of 2014. the first of the six was completed at the beginning of December, but a commission came my way, so i put the rest on hold for a month before finally finishing them all. unfortunately the commission fell through. thankfully it was only one month wasted. hoping to quickly recoup my losses, i cranked out the final five NT03's in record time(two weeks), only to find that my 3 month old CenturyLink DSL router was all dried out. one after another, i finally got a replacement that works(for now). now to catch up!


This project began in early December of 2014. it was originally a commission, but the deal ended up falling through, and i never got paid for it. hopefully i can find someone out there to buy it from me to make up for my losses.