Monday, May 4, 2009


i could play this circuit for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.
more to come.


  1. this one is a winner!
    if it's all from scratch...maybe a PC board coming in the near future?

  2. Hello. I've got to say, this is a great blog! Really nice bends and I like that you show some of the working process as well. Keep it up :D

    I've only done very simple bends so far but I hope to have the time to learn more... Any general advice?

    /Péter from Sweden

  3. how general? ;) i guess the most important part of creating a really great device is knowing how usefull your new sounds are going to be when it comes to actually making music. i think a lot of people just bend toys for the sake of being able to modify something, but then you just have a bunch of useless toys. at least i do.. i would recommend getting to know some electronics fundamentals like oscillators, filters, envelope generators, op-amps, and incorporate those projects into toys. this way the possibilities are endless.

  4. hello - please contact me if you get this and have any instruments you might be willing to part with. i'm interested in purchasing one. also i'm about to start modifying my own pt-100!

  5. Great blog you got here. It would be great to read a bit more concerning that matter. The only thing that blog misses is a few pictures of any devices.
    Alex Stepman
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  6. I freaking love your blog! LOVE IT!

    I have watched all your videos so many times, over and over that my fiance has forbidden me to watch your stuff while she is home due to the noise. (kidding of course but you get the idea).

    However, I'm sad that you don't update your blog as often as I would like you to though... ;-)

    But I'm sure you fill your time with way more important things.

    I can't tell you how inspired I am by your creations.

    Please keep showing off your awesome stuff!!!


  7. Just curious what other gear you may posess? I'm interested in getting into bending AND constructing my own instruments but I like your approach and frankly as a recording musician, I really have no use for a broken toy that just makes glitch and noise. I see from your comments, we probably agree on that. I want a music maker. Basically though, I've got moog's, organs, a work station and several Korg modular toys that all already produce wicked synth sounds (not including the soft synth plugins). Is this going to add that something that my "store bought" gear doesn't have or will I be disappointed? I want that something different and unique to give my music some punch you know? That being said, I love your work and I would like to take a very similar approach so I figured I'd ask you. Also, where can I hear your music? I love the demos of the gear but do you have some compositions recorded somewhere? Here is some of my trash if your interested:

    Thanks again. It truly is inspirational. I love to build and work with my hands and make music too. Now I can do both at the same time!


  8. hi matt. thanks for the encouragement. not really sure if i can answer your question though. your store bought gear is always going to be better at making music because thats what it was designed to do. sometimes all that store bought stuff is a little too good at making music though and it leaves us feeling dissatisfied even though it sounds exactly how it should...right? i dont know, i guess it's all subjective. personally i try to keep my setup as minimal as possible. just grab a few things and see what i can come up with. remember when recording was challenging?..still is for me i'm afraid. sadly i dont have any recordings to share with you. i get so caught up with new devices that i dont have any time left for recording. it's alright though, i'm not that good anyway;)
    i have been meaning to use my soundcloud account. i'll try to rcord some things next time i'm jamming out and put them up here some time in the future.
    thanks again.