Sunday, October 11, 2009


i finished this one in august some time.. its a mini keyboard fitted into an old alarm clock i found. all i really remember about this is that i didnt like the first few schematics i came up with so i started over quite a few times. i also remember that i used an old dual audio amp for the filter and the AR generator. i think it was the 4565? yeah the 4565. it gave the AR generator some unexpected shapes but i liked it and kept it. i put a video up in September and it already has 5k hits! thanks to "matrixsynth","make", and others. thanks guys! but yeah, the keyboard is pretty awesome too. check out the schematic and the video demo for more info. heres some crappy pics i just took too.


wow, i have been putting this off for a long time so here we go.
shortly after finishing my "rainbow synth"(mid July) i started on a new keyboard. much like the rainbow synth, i added a frequency divider circuit to the main voice and a vcf with AR generator. the main objective of this project was to use the 4520 chips i've become so fond of to trigger drum sounds, and what better circuit than the notorious hing hon ek001. it all worked out great and i had this keyboard all built in under two weeks. it went surprisingly fast. that may be why i still dont completely understand the schematic. since i finished this project over two months ago, i dont exactly remember all of the details on constructing this keyboard, but i will say that it is truly my favorite. here is a demo video and some really bad pictures i just took. i'll post the schematic soon.