Monday, December 29, 2008



  1. Heya - where did you find these little keyboards? Online somewhere? And how can you afford to sell these so cheap - I can't seem to find any decent sources for joysticks that would ever justify selling at that price..

    Great job with these lil' guys!

  2. i got them from a guy on ebay. if you are planning on getting some, i would suggest just buying one or two at first. these things are virtually unbendable on their own. they only have a 3v battery compartment too. as far as joysticks are concerned, go to goodwill and buy some old playstation controllers. thats where i get all of mine. they are usually 10k but you can sometimes find 100k's in the wireless ones. about the price, it is pretty ridiculous considering how long these took to make. hopefully they will go up once people start bidding.


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